About Me

My name is Felice (pronounced Fel-ee-chay). I started my journey of healing with food in 2014. It was the best decision I could have made for myself. I have designed this site so that it is not just a journal but a place where you can get some cooking/baking and overall eating recommendations (MEALS), learn about new ways to heal (HEALS) and also, get to know my story (FEELS).

Am I paleo? Am I whole 30? Am I primal? Who knows! I do know that I am human and I like to eat what makes my body feel good but sometimes I also like to eat what I know may not make my body feel good and I am ok with that. I stick to a pretty paleo-like diet for the most part. I am on a journey of healing and questioning and just trying to figure out what makes my body tick. Maybe I’ll never fully figure it out but along the way I figured I’d journal it and hopefully help others. I am in no way a doctor or certified in anything but I do know my own body despite what doctors may think and I am just trying to figure out what it needs. Maybe it could help you too? Maybe it couldn’t? Maybe you can relate? Maybe you can’t! Who knows. But, I do know that I am better off trying to help than do nothing at all. So, come join me! And, Let me know what you think!


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