I am a Mama who lives and battles anxiety. I am an anxious person. For the most part I have it under control. I do not take any medicine. I treat it through mindfulness exercises, essential oils, exercise, supplements, talking, crying and writing about it. Like, now. Writing helps me. To see it in writing; my thoughts, my worries, my pep talks.

Today and yesterday I have had the most intense anxiety. It’s been hard to be the Mom and wife I know I can be to my children and my husband. But, one thing I think people forget when someone is anxious is that the person is still trying. Even when I am yelling and I cannot breathe. I’m trying my hardest to be the best for everyone. And, maybe that is my problem? I’m trying to be the best for everyone when I just need to take a deep breath, refocus and keep going. So what if it’s not my best right now! I’m only human and sometimes my best is going to be just getting up and getting the kids to school. And, that is OK sometimes. Maybe not every day but today, it’s ok.

Here is a letter I wrote to myself and I hope it helps you as well.

Dear Mama,

Just breath, make a list, do one thing at a time, and you will make it through the day. Maybe today is the day you need a nap or an extended lunch break. Tomorrow you will do better or maybe even later today. Just breath, Mama. You’ve got this.

Right now, you cannot even focus on what you want for breakfast because you are too cold. Get a sweater on and come back to breakfast. You’ll feel even better once you eat. One thing at a time and breath. Keep breathing. Laundry you say? That’s what you want to focus on? Go ahead and keep the laundry going if it’s the ONE thing you can seem to do. It needs to be done after all. Just breath Mama. You’ve got this.

You need to get your work done too, Mama. But don’t worry, keep breathing. Focus on your breaths and you can do it. Get out that to-do list and see what’s on the agenda for today. Look at the first task and cover up the rest. There is no need to even look at what else there is to do today until your first task is done. Just breath Mama, you’ve got this.

Just keep it going. Keep breathing. In and out, just like that. Don’t let being anxious get the best of you. You can do this. Just breath Mama, you’ve got this.


Yourself, ALWAYS.

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