Who here has not experienced food guilt?

My relationship with food has changed so much since 2014. I am reminded of this often. For instance, on our last full day at our vacation home, my brother and husband looked in the fridge that morning and mentioned that all the remaining food needed to be eaten. My husband even joked that the day would be called “Fat Friday”. Three years ago, I would have drooled over that challenge; fantasizing over what I’d make, what combos would taste scrumptious, and how gluttonous it’d feel after I gorged myself silly. Especially with how stressful some aspects of our vacation were for me.

Today, I’m a whole different person. Food no longer affects me the way it used to. I no longer have the emotional attachment and need to binge on everything in sight. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m hormonal I still want me some chocolate and salty potato chips but that guilty feeling afterwards is no longer there. It was such an amazing feeling that day on vacation to realize I didn’t have the same thought process with food that I would have had a couple of years ago. There were tons of yummy things in that fridge and I was excited to eat it all but I had no desire to emotionally eat it all. Sure, I probably ate way more than normal on vacation but that was just it, I wasn’t paying attention to HOW MUCH I was eating, I just ate. And, when I felt full I stopped. It was as simple as that! The heat always makes me eat more for some reason anyways. I snack more than I eat meals when it’s super-hot. But, even so, I felt full, I stopped eating and moved on. Guilt free. Now, that is saying a lot coming from me. I have many issues with guilt. Like, years and years of feeling guilty as f%$k over every little thing in my life.


This change in thinking with food all started with doing the Whole 30 diet, specifically the book, It Starts With Food. It was like this reset and from there continuing to eat paleo and now eating paleo-ish. I no longer feel controlled by my emotions when I eat. Whether it’s feeling super hungry because I’m at a party (not sure why but I get the munchies at get-togethers) or super hungry because I’m depressed. I eat a lot less carbs and sugars and think very thoroughly about what I am consuming. I no longer follow the whole 30 diet but I still take everything I’ve learned from it and use it all daily. I eat gluten free, cow dairy free and sugar free now. Even with sticking to it I no longer carry that guilt as much as I did before. Over vacation I totally ate cow’s milk cheese and had some Easter bunny candy…like a lot! But, there was no guilt! I just moved on and tried to be better from there on out.

If you are unfamiliar with the Whole 30, it is a diet (diet as in the way you eat) reset designed by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. It’s the perfect way to figure out what foods are causing certain issues and what aren’t. Sugar, grains, dairy and legumes are all eliminated from your diet for 30 days. Then, if and when you are ready, you slowly add back each group of foods. By adding each food group back in one by one you can then figure out what those foods are that are agreeing with your body and which aren’t. They have 4 books out including 2 cookbooks. It Starts With Food is one of the four. I recently re-read it and it got me thinking about maybe doing the Whole 30 again.

It’s funny, I know I should do the diet again as it was super helpful and helped me lose a lot of weight but it’s also very challenging. When I first did the diet I only had one child and it wasn’t too hard to plan my son and husband’s meals around what I could consume and meal planning in general. But there is something about throwing that second child into the mix that makes just thinking that much harder! But, I’m working overall on the whole “taking care of myself” thing. I’m just a bit slower to get going than most. It’s usually the 2-year mark for me when I start realizing I need to get back to me again. 2 years as in my child’s second Birthday. It happened with my son; he hit 2 years old and it was like, “voila!” I can finally start focusing on myself more! My daughter turns 2 at the end of May and I’m inching towards the new me feeling. I love this feeling. It’s like, I’m no longer just a drool covered, over-tired slave to my children’s needs. They are more independent so I can be too!

So, maybe I will try the Whole 30 again or maybe I’ll try something different. I have since learned which foods I truly am sensitive to and which I am ok to eat, which is one of the reasons I don’t REALLY need to do the Whole 30 again. I did this with my naturopath but you can also just buy a testing kit yourself. It looks at 96 different foods and by taking a blood sample it determines which foods your body is sensitive to. For me it’s gluten, cane sugar, cow dairy, and chicken eggs (I can eat duck eggs). I try my hardest to stay away from these foods, especially with my thyroiditis. But, like I said, the Whole 30 was a great reset. It got me to look at foods in a whole different way. It Starts With Food was a great resource for me and I really recommend it.

Also, if you are thinking about going just gluten-free, look for my FREE Guide To Going Gluten-Free PDF that you’ll be able to get when you subscribe to my blog!

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