So, I’ve been trying to stay on track for a while now but stress and exhaustion tend to just make me plain old lazy! “Oh look, you’re making sandwiches? I’ll have one. Oh it’s not gluten free and there is lots of cheese on it? Oh well! I’ll live!” I don’t mind when it’s once in a while but it’s been all the time lately and is not good. I hate making excuses and honestly and I know I have complete control over my actions but stress seems to get the best of me.

Some of the issue is that my favorite products are more expensive and we frankly don’t have the money for them. Sometimes the way I look at it is that you could buy 7 loaves of glutinous gluten-afied bread (now with extra gluten!) for the price of ONE of my loaves. Or with my favorite chicken patties/nuggs, we could buy 2 packs of those at least if I wanted. It just doesn’t seem worth it when we have been on such a strict budget. BUT, if I plan our budget to include some of my favorites and plan my meals/snacks/and additives than I do better and therefore feel better. It’s when I stop the prep and buying ahead that I fall off and it takes me a long time to get back on. It’s funny how you know how easy it’d be to just put some effort into it and you’d be back to yourself but getting over that hump can be easier said than done.

Some tips to make it easier for yourself:
– Knowing what you need: I know, it’s not a great tip. But, you have to find what works for you. You need to find the foods you love, your supplements that work and whatever other daily routine you need first. For example, I know a quick and easy lunch for myself are gluten free nuggets, fruit and some corn chips. I also bought a pill case so all of my supplements are ready for me.

– Prep: For me, having all of my foods in stock is important. I try to restock/prep on Sundays. It also helps that my pill case is Sunday-Saturday. I spend a lot of Friday/Saturday figuring out the foods I may need to stock up on for the week so I know what I need to buy. A quick breakfast for me is my favorite gluten free bread and peanut butter. And I can take it in the car with me. In our house we call this, “car toast”. Part of prep is knowing how much these items are going to cost our food budget. If we have time we try to buy them wholesale so we get more bang for our buck. I also try and prep our dinners on Sunday. It usually doesn’t work out but I do try…

– Consistency: I am horrible at being consistent. I will gladly admit this. BUT consistency is key! I use my Sunday which is typically our down day of the weekend to prep and if I don’t, it throws me off. I also need to know what I want for the week. I get sick of nuggets so sometimes I make sure we buy a big thing of hamburger for tacos and make it all up so I have it throughout the week. Or I buy sweet potatoes and microwave those for lunch. But, like I said before, it’s very hard for me to get back on the bandwagon once I fall off so, I need to push to be consistent.

And, last but certainly not least:
– Be Kind to Yourself: I feel like this is a very important tip. I tend to be very hard on myself internally when I don’t stick to my life style habits. I’ve learned it is MUCH easier for me to get back on that wagon and keep going if I can forgive myself for eating that slice of pizza or that piece of bread. I am only human after all. I can’t be perfect.

I hope this helps 🙂

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