I love anything natural and it’s even better when it’s great for the environment. So, I thought I’d share with you my love for wool dryer balls.

wool dryer balls

How can a simple ball of wool change your life, especially if you are the sole doer-of-laundry like I am? The wool dryer ball is this fantastic ball of wool that you can throw into your dryer like a fabric softener sheet but without all those nasty chemicals. They also help reduce static and wrinkles, which we have plenty of during the winter months! And they reduce drying time! How life changing is that? I’ve been doing laundry for more than half my life and I’m only 29 so that is a decent amount of time. I only needed to do the laundry maybe one time a week if not every 2 weeks before getting married. Then, my laundry duty doubled once my husband and I lived together. Bring in my first born and it didn’t just triple; I am pretty sure it sextupled! And finally, my second was born and now I do the laundry just about every day, especially when I’m feeling rather lazy about folding.

So, for me, wool dryer balls are a life saver! They cut your drying time, cut out yucky chemicals and if you add a couple of drops of essential oils onto it (especially Doterra) it can still make your laundry smell delish like those gross dryer sheets! Plus, you save money because wool dryer balls are reusable for thousands of loads and you are cutting your electric bill with all of that drying time being cut down. What are you waiting for? Get them here!

The dryer balls work by helping to separate and pull the pieces of clothing apart as they are tumbling around in the dryer. It lets the heat get between the clothing, thus drying the clothing quicker. Now, if only they could fold the laundry too! 😉

These are some of my top fave Doterra scents to put on said dryer balls. Go easy on it though. I think I replenish the essential oils with a few drops once a week if not every 2 (because I’m lazy and forgetful) but anywho… I’ve listed them below:

  • Doterra Onguard Essential Oil
  • Doterra Lavender Essential Oil
  • Doterra Orange Essential Oil
  • Doterra Lemon Essential Oil

To me, these scream FRESH!! You can combine the oils as well but for some reason with laundry, I like to keep the scents simple. Sometimes I will even throw the oils into a spray bottle with some distilled water and spray on my clothes before popping them into the wash.

You can shop the oils here and find your own set of dryer balls here.

And, laundry on folks… laundry on.

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